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Experience Self Discovery through Creative Exploration.

What do you love about the arts?  The freedom to explore?  The longing to discover? Whether you’re an artist or spectator you want to FEEL.  You want that JOLT of excitement that reminds you you’re alive and this life is for playing, exploring and feeling.  Art is here to do exactly that and so are we.  And because every art form can light a fire in your soul, we are not limiting ourselves to a specific artistic medium in which to create.  From musicals to stand up comedy to variety shows to dramatic plays to films and more; South Florida just got a lot more fun!  JOLT Productions, creative exploration and self-discovery for artists and the community.

JOLT’s Vision:

We’re here to create an artistic haven to invigorate artists, galvanize our community and awaken our youth.  We are dedicated to exploring as many artistic mediums as possible to create and promote art/entertainment that is joyous, imaginative and evocative. 

JOLT’s Goal in Relation to Artists:

We want to provide more opportunities for the artists of South Florida to showcase their talent.  

We aim to consistently create high quality productions and projects.  

We will strive to provide the best training, production resources, and networking opportunities as possible.  

JOLT’s Goal in Relation to the Community:

We want to offer professional quality and engaging content with all our productions.

We aim to create workshops and experiences that get you involved, hands on, with the creative process.

We will strive to listen to your needs and create projects and experiences that reflect those needs.

When the community is elevated through peace and art we witness waves of compassion, empathy, resilience, kindness and joy towards self and others.

JOLT’s Goal in Relation to Youth:

We want to create a safe space for creative exploration for children of all abilities and learning styles.  ​

We aim to design programs that awaken the imagination and ground their minds in the present moment.

We will strive to offer a wide variety of experiences (classes, workshops, camps, etc.) to broaden each child’s knowledge and appreciation of the creative arts.

JOLT’s Values:

• Integrity in our relationships.  Integrity in our art.  Integrity in our business practices.

• Exploration of self.  Exploration of the artistic journey.  Exploration of ideas.  Exploration of beliefs.

• Awareness of our thoughts.  Awareness of the creative process. Awareness of how our decisions impact others.

• Playfulness in our hearts.  Playfulness in our energy.  Playfulness in our work.

• Compassion for ourselves.  Compassion for others.  Compassion for each of our differences.


Our one of a kind, creative arts children’s division!

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